CHIPLAY’15 Games User Research Tool Design Jam Workshop – October 4, 2015, London, England

In both industry and academia, software tools are essential for games user research (GUR) in order to collect, integrate, analyze and report on games and players’ data. GUR datasets are becoming more and more complex, detailed and multifaceted. Hence, tools are necessary to efficiently handle data. This one-day workshop explores the vast spectrum of tools used and created by current GUR researchers and provides a platform of discussion for advancing the development of such tools. This workshop will facilitate intersections from user researchers with diverse epistemologies, as well as from both academia and the industry, in an interactive Design Jam activity to collaboratively design future-proof GUR tools. The immediate outcome of the workshop is twofold: to collectively establish state-of-the-art tool design guidelines, and to archive the papers and discussions, which will extend the conversations and relationships beyond the workshop. Moreover, the long-term outcome will be the start of a community that focuses on creating better tools to aid the study of player experiences.